CFLA Copyright Advocacy Session

Thursday June 29th, 2017

01:15 – 5:00 pm

Join the vibrant discussion about reasonable copyright reform in Canada at this half-day advocacy workshop. With Erik Lockhart, a professional facilitator from the Smith School of Business, several panelists will lead our discussion on copyright advocacy and reform in Canada. This workshop will be heavily focused on discussion and collaboration. A formal report of the session will be created afterward with the findings.

The purpose of this workshop: CFLA-FCAB to introduce the Copyright Committee and its work and get input from the library community on national advocacy issues and priorities.

Part 1: Copyright Board

  • Camille Callison
  • Victoria Owen
  • Margaret Ann Wilkinson
  • Don Taylor
  • Ann Smith

-Health Break-

Part 2: Topic Sessions

  • Victoria Owen
  • Camille Callison
  • Jeannie Bail
  • Christina Winter
  • Alex Kohn
  • Susan Haigh

Part 3: Facilitated Discussions with Erik Lockhart