IP in Museums: The Lion and the LAM

Thursday June 29th, 2017


Room A

Heather Bidzinski and Tanya Anderson

Co-presenters Heather Bidzinski (CMHR) and Tanya Anderson (CMH) discuss some of the burning questions faced when managing Intellectual Properties in a museum environment. Bidzinski will focus on the digital environment, while Anderson will discuss the similarities and differences in working with copyright in a Museum vs. the larger LAM sector. Jointly they will discuss ideas of collaborative, open licensing and copyright practices and some of the challenges faced.

(Concurrent session)


Heather Bidzinski

Heather has been with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights since 2010.  She worked with the Museum as their Archivist and has been Head of Collections for the past four years.  She recently completed her Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law with Lesley Ellen Harris.  She works with intellectual property issues on a daily basis and considers copyright a lifelong journey!


Tanya Anderson

Tanya began her copyright journey in the 90s when she became interested in appropriating art images while earning a degree in Fine Arts at Mount Allison.  Since then, Tanya has remained firmly entrenched in the Museum sector, working in commercial galleries, non-profits and federal cultural institutions.  She has been with the Canadian Museum of History since 2005 and can’t help but be excited for the future of Museums and the future of copyright!