Two Solitudes? Quebec’s Copyright Context

Friday June 30th, 2017

03:15 – 04:00pm

Alexandra Kohn and Dominique Lapierre 

Descriptions and narratives about copyright in Canada frequently include the proviso “except in Quebec.” Indeed, there are striking differences between the two contexts; for example, while 93% of Canadian universities and colleges outside of Quebec have opted out of the Access Copyright institutional license, the vast majority of Quebec higher educational institutions currently maintain their license with Copibec. This session aims to highlight the Quebec perspective on copyright management.

This session will cover: a brief outline of the main differences between Access Copyright’s and Copibec’s services; an exploration of some of the cultural and linguistic influences that inform the approach of Quebec institutions; and an overview of the types of activities carried out by the copyright offices at Université Laval and McGill University. The session will also discuss the two institutions’ approaches to copyright management in the context of the expected renewal of the Quebec consortial Copibec blanket license and the recent Court of Appeal decision in the Copibec vs Université Laval case.


(Concurrent Session)


Alexandra Kohn

Alex is an Assistant Librarian and Head of the Office of Copyright Compliance at McGill University and the first person to occupy that office, beginning in August 2015. Before coming to McGill, Alex worked in scholarly communications, open access and copyright advisory roles at the London School of Economics and the University of the Arts London.

Dominique Lapierre

Dominique is acting Copyright coordinator at Université Laval. She holds a master’s degree in Information Sciences and two bachelor’s degrees (French Studies and Law). In her former life, she was the law librarian for the law sector at the Université Laval Library and for the Quebec’s Bar Libraries (Centre d’accès à l’information juridique).