Call for Proposals

The call for proposals deadline was February 27, 2017.

The ABC Copyright Conference 2017 Organizing Committee invites proposals for Conference sessions. A list of suggested topics, incorporating feedback from 2016 attendees, is offered below, but all proposals relevant to copyright and education will be considered by the committee.

  • Evidence-based critiques of PWC report
  • Copyright and the Charter, freedom of expression
  • Fair Dealing outside the guidelines: novel applications, theories
  • 2017 Copyright Review
  • Copyright Board reform
  • Contract law for copyright specialists
  • Model contract and license initiatives; author rights and/or contracts for complex digital scholarship projects
  • Copyright education and institutional literacy
  • Open licensing: best practices and pitfalls
  • Institutional projects of interest to wider ABC community

Deadline: February 20 27, 2017

To propose a session, please fill out this proposal form